Correspondence Courses/Credit by Exam


State required credits for graduation may be earned through correspondence courses. Courses must be taken from the University of Texas Extension Division or the Extension Division of Texas Tech University. The student is responsible for fees and books required for correspondence courses.

  • Correspondence Courses for Initial Credit: A student may take a maximum of four (4) semesters (2 credits) through correspondence.
  • Correspondence Courses for Retrieval of Credit: See your counselor.

Correspondence grades must be received by May 1st if the grades are necessary for graduation. Students will not be allowed to use these grades for purposes of participating in the graduation exercise after this date. Grades earned through correspondence courses are not included in the GPA and are not used for ranking purposes. They do not replace grades earned during the school year on the transcript.

Please contact your counselor for information regarding correspondence courses.


For information regarding Credit by Examinations is located in the MISD Course Selection Guide.

You may also contact your counselor for more information.

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